HOW did you vote today?

How did you vote today? I voted by filling out a paper ballot with an inkpen and dropping the ballot in a big metal box. There wasn’t anything electronic in site (well other than the lights & a coffee pot).


I filled out a mail-in ballot too late to mail it in, so I’ll have to deliver it to a polling place. One day. One day I will mail in my absentee ballot.


Scantron form.

(Sample ballot: PDF warning. Ballot starts on page 8.

They had both electronic and optical scan, and I voted electronic. (They’re phasing out electronic voting, because people have complained there’s no paper trail and they’re scared their vote didn’t get counted, but we’ve had it for like the past 10 years).

I voted very well, thank you. I even got a sticker from the poll workers!

I’m not sure what it’s called. I was given a card with lots of ovals. I slid the card into a slot. As I viewed each ballot page, a column of ovals is exposed. I then marked the appropriate oval with a tiny marker that put a blob of ink in it. When done, I pulled the card out the slot and fed it through an optical scanner. If there was a problem it’d be spat out, but there wasn’t so it dropped into the ballot box.

I avoided getting any ink on my hands. The sticker is the true payoff for voting. :cool:

I voted using the pencil provided to fill out ovals on the card stock ballot.

Electronic touch-screen, here in Virginia.

I really hate it. There is no paper trail, no means for a real verification or recount. We have to just… trust the machines.

I voted (two weeks ago) on a touch screen. It had a printer attached that printed each of my choices as I touched them, and I was able to read the printout. After I was done voting, the display reviewed my selections for each candidate/issue, and after that it allowed me to confirm and cast my ballot.

Touchscreen here in IL

With the punch card and the infamous hanging chad. I still was looking for the option to fire them all and start over.


We had a choice of electronic or paper ballot. I chose paper (just 'cause it would be faster). I filled out ovals with a black pen, then the paper ballot was scanned into a machine.

Bubble-in sheet, filled in by hand at a shaky privacy booth, and then fed into a machine that scanned it to verify it was valid and dropped it into a box below. All the convenience of electronic voting, all of the transparency and security of a paper trail. I can’t imagine why anyone does it any other way.

Mail-in ballot. Oregon’s nice that way.

Ditto in Akron OH today.

Sure is. No machines, no polling place to drive to, no people to pay except the counters.

I filled in the ballot with a felt tipped pen, forgive me, I used the ballot marking devise, as directed by the poll worker. I then took the two sheets of card stock and put them in a large machine that looked like an expensive copier. They gave me an I voted sticker and I left.