How did your parents meet?

Mine met in a casino, circa 1980. Father was playing poker. Mother was dealing cards, no doubt looking fly in her platform shoes, big hair, and boxy sweater with nametag. One thing led to another, and here I am!

So how did YOUR parental units meet?

In first grade! They went through school together. When my father died they’d been married for 57 years.

My parents went to the same church in Brooklyn, NY but somehow didn’t meet till they attended Bangor Theological Seminary in Bangor, ME. He was there and she was told to look him up. She did. They got married a year later, divorced 9 years after that.

More interesting is how my dad met his current wife: she was the widow at one of the funeral services her performed.

They met at a party and moved in together a month later.

Mine met on a coach trip to Russia

In a bar. They didn’t last 2 years.

My father was (and is) a truck driver. My mother’s father owned a motel in Toledo, and my father was getting a room for the night - he ended up flirting (quite dorkily) with my mother who was working the front desk… My dad ended up living at the motel and became friends with mom’s older brothers. My parents knew each other for three months and went on one date (to the drive-in, and they had to take her two youngest brothers with them,) and eloped. Their 27th anniversary is this Thursday.

My mother was put forward as the Independent Council’s rep for some sort of homecoming-type queen in college, and she needed a date. Someone set her up with my dad. Didn’t take them long to get hitched. It’s been over 40 years now.

My dad was working under his car when my mom walked by in her 1969-style miniskirt. After one look at my mom’s fabulous legs, he immediately scooted out from under the car and ran down the street to catch up with her, using the immortal line, “Excuse me…I’m lost and I can’t find my way to your apartment.” Mom tittered, they had lunch, and were married three months later.

An equally good story is how my dad’s parents met – they were both legally blind, and they literally bumped into each other at the Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind.

My folks met in a bar. My mom was 19, my dad was 30. They got married in a chapel in Las Vegas.

They’ve been married for 34 years.

I should have added – my parents just celebrated their 35th anniversary this month.

Mine were set up by mutual friends, went to a play together and were married within a month. The best part is that my mom is really conservative and doesn’t want me to date until I have a PhD (I ignore her, of course). They were married for 25 years until my father’s death.

My parents met in OCS (officer candidate school) for the Navy. My mom got preggers with me and was honorably discharged and my dad stayed in. They were married for 23 years before my mom was widowed.

My dad was recently home from several years in France and one of his friends convinced him to go to a Catholic Youth Organization Social (he’s not Catholic). He met my mother there, and they were married several months later (I’m not sure of the exact timing).

My mother was a nineteen-year-old nursing student and my father a 34-year-old resident at the same hospital. He offered her a ride home one day in his fancy-schmancy new sports car; I think it might have been an MG he bought in California. They’ve been married for 35 years.

High school sweethears. Married 50 years June 26, 2004. Have lived in the same house since that time.

Mom used to be a dancer, she taught dance classes at a dance studio which was owned by my dad’s aunt and uncle. The aunt and uncle threw a Christmas party, dad dropped by, and twenty five years later (last August) they renewed their vows for the third time.

My folks met at college, at their church–they were two of the very few Mormons at Berkeley in the late 60’s. Dad was smitten at a dance. He used to leave her notes in her mailbox, written on punchcards. They’ve been married about 35 years now. My husband and I met at the same church at the same college, and my brother met his fiancee there too.

My parents met on a blind date.

As she saw my dad pull up with his friend in his ROTC uniform (looking quite dashing), she had a sudden fit of panic. “Dad! Tell me I can’t go! Tell them I’m sick!”

My grandpa wouldn’t help her out of it. They dated off and on for a few years and got married. They were married 37 years when my mom passed away September 1st.

My dad installed carpeting in my mom’s first apartment of her own. He was smitten immediately, told her he was new in the area (which was only somewhat true), and asked her out to see “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” Real romantic movie, Dad. They got engaged after three months, had the wedding within the year, and have been happily married for 27 years now.