How did "zzzzz" come to mean snoring in cartoons, comics, etc.?

A thing I’ve never understood is how ‘Z’ came to be a symbol for sleep, or, especially, snoring. There just doesn’t seem to be any connection. Most comic book ‘sounds’ at least try to be based on the actual sound…think of words like ‘blam’, ‘zap’, or ‘bang’.

But ‘Z’? Where did that come from? When was it first used that way?

Some people think that snoring sounds like the nose made by sawing logs. This symbol was also commonly used for snoring. The “zzzzz” noise sounds a nit like sawing, not so much like snoring. This is only anecdotal info.

catching some "z"s = sleep.

Which comes from the former.

There is another factor working in the equation. Cartoonist have a dilema, and that is how to convey a sound to a reader.

Consider the old, “All in the Family,” Archie Bunker Rasberry. Now try to spell that.

This is not a cartoon, I am not a cartoonist, and quite a few people are not going to know what sound I am discussing at this moment.

If cartoonist do not know how to convey a sound, they may use adjectives to describe what is happening in a bubble, like ,“Crash,” or “Wham” but the actuall sound of that crash or wham is very difficult to convey.

The snoring sound, though we all have heard it, is difficult to spell properly.

chonnnnngk! chonnnnngk!