How difficult are the Sly Cooper games on the PS2? Are they any good?

I like action-adventure games and I like platformers for the most part, but I can not stand super impossible platformers. I did play through most of Super Meat Boy, but I’ve basically given up since it has become nearly impossible at times(I’m near the end, though).

Anyway, I’ve heard good things about the Sly Cooper series on the PS2. I’m looking to pick the first one up, but I am also wondering how hard they are.

Additionally, what was your opinion of them? Any good? What would you compare them to?

No real point of comparison, but the second game is easily one of the best of the PS2, and the others are pretty good too. They’re certainly not insanely difficult if that’s what you’re worried about.

Thanks, my wife and I are playing it now.

It’s good, but I’m surprised I have to collect every clue in order to open the vaults on the levels. I haven’t done that yet; I hope it isn’t too important.

If you have a PS3 there’s a collection disk with all three games and with wide screen support.

I know, but I don’t have that system.

I’m probably one of the worst video game players ever and I didn’t have to much difficulty with it.

I just beat the first world and while not difficult, I do find the “one hit kill” idea to be dumb. It makes me hold off on exploring and trying things. I pick up horseshoes once in awhile, but it’s still annoying to die in even just three hits.

Anyway, it’s not too bad so far.

Seriously, this “one-hit kill” thing is annoying. I make one mistake and he goes back to the previous checkpoint. :mad: