How difficult to change 93 Camry oil pump?

Paging our resident car repair folks.

How difficult is it for an idiot back yard mechanic like myself to change the oil pump on a 93 Toyota Camry with a 4 cyl. engine?

It’s a pain.

The pump is essentially the front engine cover (behind the timing belt and its covers). The official instructions are to first remove the oil pan, to access and remove the oil pump pickup tube/screen assembly. Then remove the timing belt and some of its pulleys to access and remove the pump/housing assembly. Book time is 5.2.

Here’s an exploded diagram of the pump assembly. Here’s the complete pump with its sprocket for the timing belt. You can see the studs for the pickup tube sticking down on the left. Here it is with the sprocket and front crankshaft oil seal removed. This gives a good view of the pickup mounting.

I don’t envy you doing this, but I wish you well.

That doesn’t sound like much fun at all.

Thanks for the info.