How do buddhists wake up?

I know that in general, buddhists try to bring mindfulness and awareness to everything they do, but I’m wondering if there are any largely followed (or anecdotal even) protocols for waking up in the morning from sleep. My google fu is failing because google seems to think I’m interested in the more metaphorical buddhist concern about waking up from sleeping through life. But I just want to know about waking up from the conventional type of sleep that happens every morning in my bed. It’s possible I’m confusing buddhism with yoga (the broader sense of yoga, not specifically physical/stretching yoga) and am looking for the waking up from sleep yoga. Any ideas or links to relevant buddhist / yogic texts?

It’s a fairly large religion. I would bet money at least a portion of them use alarm clocks. :slight_smile:

I don’t wake up to an alarm clock, but, so far as I know, it has nothing to do with being a Buddhist.

My understanding is that most everyone has the power to do so. Think about all the people who say they awaken a split second before the alarm goes off. It’s the power of your subconscious mind I believe. Your body doesn’t really like the shock of that alarm so it wakes you just a second prior.

If you want to learn, it’s really quite simple. Last thing before going to sleep at night have the following internal dialogue;
“7:15, 7:15, 7:15, I will wake up at 7:15!” Do it two or three times and you may be surprised to find that it will work. That’s how I learned to do it and I never had any problems.

Of course, if you’re drunk, stayed up till an ungodly hour reading or something all bets are off.
And I still set the alarm if I have a plane to catch, but I rarely need it, it’s just a back up.

I used to live next to a large parking lot which, after a winter snowfall, would get plowed at 4AM or so. The mountain of snow was being pushed right up to the side of my house! The plow made an unbelievable amount of noise accomplishing this, as you can imagine. I’d wake up thinking there was an earthquake, the entire house would be shaking. But after a couple of days I’d sleep right through it. Because my subconscious mind would recognize the noise and realize there was no need to awaken me.

Your subconscious mind is a very powerful thing!

Hope you find this, how do you say, enlightening!

Maybe this one.

I’m buddhist. I use an alarm clock. I’ve never heard of anything like the OP before.

lol while I imagine some buddhists have trained their minds to wake them up without an alarm clock, I mean more along the lines of the whole waking process. Does it involve lying still and meditating for a certain time, doing certain poses, preaparing for the day mentally, or do they just jump out of bed? I’ve seen a whole bunch of things for what to do while you are preparing for bed and entering into sleep, but nothing on the reverse process.

Which response is correct:

  1. But what’s it sound like? :confused:
  2. I’m trying to do a golf clap for you, but it doesn’t work one-handed. :smack:
  3. The cypress tree in the yard. :smiley:

The answer is they are all correct. :wink:

Making fun of someone else’s religion - I am SOOOO going to hell. Does Buddhism even have a hell?

Buddhists wake up self important and self satisfied, also by setting themselves on fire, knowing it’s time to beat up other buddhist monks and at sanctimonious o’clock, etc.

I’m joking, of course. Why doesn’t the /size command work on this GD site anymore? Buddha is pissed!

I’ve never heard of anything like this, sorry. I don’t think this is a Buddhist practice at all. Maybe yoga.

I find that when my life is in balance I don’t need an alarm clock to awaken. I go to bed at a reasonable hour, so I am easily awakened by the rising sun or the sounds of morning (birds chirping, people and their cars beginning to stir in neighboring houses, etc). If things are getting away from me and I find myself staying up too late or partaking in alcoholic beverages, well, then I may well just be late for whatever. :slight_smile: I don’t use an alarm clock unless for some odd reason I’m required to get up before morning twilight.

Aside from that, what do Buddhists do after they’ve woken up? Buddha himself is reported to have said “first chop wood, then carry water, then enlightenment.” (Meaning, one may deduce, prepare for the practical needs of the day before turning one’s mind to the spiritual).

I wake up automatically without a clock but I’m not a Buddhist. Maybe it is God’s will. Maybe it is because I am a neurotic old fart who has trouble sleeping. Maybe it is because I am an optimist and I think the day will be great and I can’t wait to greet it.

Well, it seems like you’re asking for examples of mindfulness exercises for when you first wake up? I found an example here and maybe if you google mindfulness retreats you can find others since at retreats people would probably get guidance on how to wake up mindfully and start a mindful day.

Some Buddhists can sleep without losing consciousness. I’ve personally done it on several occasions-I just tell myself I am going go close my eyes but keep a spark of awareness flickering. I usually do it for an afternoon nap, where I find that a full spell of sleeping leaves me groggy when I wake up.

Yes, that’s how it works with my Thai Buddhist wife.

I don’t know about other Buddhists, but Thais have a remarkable ability to fall asleep just about anywhere. You would not believe the numbers of snoozing security guards I’ve glided past at all hours of the day and night, sitting up in their chair, head lolled forward or backward and snoring like like a five-alarm alert at the fire station. (I have a small collection of photographs of them I’ve taken when I had my camera with me.) Or crashed out in the bus stuck in our horrendous traffic jams.

But waking up?? :confused: That’s a new one on me. I mean no offense to the OP, but this sounds like one of those Mystical Unfathomable Orient questions that seem to occupy many Westerners. After you’ve spent awhile here, the Mystery starts turning out to be rather Mundane.

Edit: I just asked the wife. She said she opens her eyes, goes and takes a crap and a shower, then grabs some coffee. Wants to know what Christians do. :smiley:

If you see a buddhist sleeping in the road, wake him.

What is the sound of one Buddhist snoring?

Then there was the famous case of the western Buddhist, who once tolerated a man for snoring too loud.

Wake up from a sleep of ignorance and flip on the enlightenment switch.

Crappy ass dreams last night, with really evil people encroaching on my space.

Woke up in a sweat and dither, laid to in body and counted it as good to wake in a better spot. Eyes open and good heart beating.

Ah, yes, that would be John Wesley Siddhartha :wink: