How do Casino Hosts make money?

I’m watching Las Vegas, since I’ve run out of other shows to watch and I’m quite enjoying it. I’m especially enjoying Sam the Casino Host, but then I started thinking about how she makes money? Well, actually, how real life Casino Hosts make money?

Do they get a salary from the Casino they work for? Get a cut of the gambling profits the place makes on their whales? Put a markup on every service they provide?

Anyone know anything?

According to a Google search, Casino Host is generally a salaried position.

How boring is that.

crosses Casino Host of the list of cool future jobs

In one episode, Sam said that she earned a commission based on how much her clients bet. No idea if that’s true, though, or how common it is.

I’d bet that it’s a combination of the two. Casino hosts have to deal with a lot more than just the whales. For every one of them, there are thousands of us guppies that have to be catered to as well.

That’s probably more like it.

Casino hosts get a salary and a percentage of the amount their clients bet. A large part of their income also comes as tips; giving someone free first class air fare, a very nice suite, free meals and beverages, good tickets to sporting events and shows, high-end golf courses, etc. has a tendency to make the recipient quite generous. Even those guppies who only get a free room and/or some meals tend to show some appreciation to the guy who gave it to them.

And Turble’s explanation makes even more sense.

puts Casino Host back on the list of future cool jobs I want