How Do Creationists Explain the Tower Of Babel?

Why Did God Destroy the Tower Of Babel, but not skyscrapers? After All, Bronze Age Technology cant reach any where near a 2 story building. And Why would God allow space shuttles? How Do Creationist explain them?

God works in mysterious ways. Just like he doesn’t confront people who’ve killed their brothers or stop parents from killing their children after having been told by him to do so.

What does Creationism have to do with the questions posed in the OP?

because the intent behind building skyscrapers and the space shuttle is different

Is there a typo in here somewhere? I’m not arguing in favour of the Tower of Babel, but I’m pretty sure 2 storey buildings aren’t that hard…

How would they have constructed the steel beams used to form the skeletons of the buildings?

What?!? A 2 storey building can be constructed out of mud.

Riddle me this: Then why aren’t we using mud now? I mean I can look out the fucking window and see mud but there are still homeless people.

Not a clue what your point is. Sorry. Are you properly understanding the (minor) point I’m trying to unravel here?

My point is that it sounds as though the statement “Bronze Age Technology cant reach any where near a 2 story building” contains a typo (maybe it’s supposed to say 20?) - because 2 storey buildings CAN be constructed with Bronze Age technology, or pre-Bronze Age technology.

He’s applying creationist logic to architecture. You’re being whooshed.

OK, assuming this whole thread isn’t a joke then (in which case it’s in the wrong forum), my original question stands: Is that a typo? Did the OP mean 20?

I’m assuming it’s a typo, since he said they couldn’t get “any where near” a two story building. Which would rule out one story buildings. Unless he’s assuming everyone lived in holes, he probably meant 20 or 200.

Nothing directly, but many creationists try to take the whole of Genesis as a completely straightforwardly literal document, not just the first couple of chapters.

Exactly. The OP probably should have used “fundamentalist” rather than “creationist” to describe who he’s talking about, but they’re one in the same (one and the same?).

Space shuttles have iron in them, and God has a problem with iron chariots.

A JW who was visiting my grandmother in early 1968 (futilely I’m happy to report) saw me reading an E.E. Smith book and showed me a Bible verse saying that man can not go to the moon because Earth is for man and the heavens are for God. (LOE clearly doesn’t count for heaven.) I don’t know how they explained it, but it was the basis for the story I wrote for junior year of HS Creative writing. (and I got an A :slight_smile: )

One and the same.

A few minor points;

the Tower of Babel was made of brick and slime. And God’s only reaction was to confound their language so that they could not understand one another. As far as Genesis records, the tower was left standing.

Presumably, a future civilization leveled it into a chariot lot for a strip bazaar.

Weird that no one has really answered the OP yet (maybe Post #4). Anyway, in case the OP actually wants an answer: God’s objection to the Tower of Babel was not that it was tall. If I recall, it had to do with man’s hubris and desire to be equal to God.

No need to rely on faulty memory. Here’s the entire story of the Tower of Babel, it’s short and sweet:

Or, if you prefer a more modern translation, here’s the NIV

As for the contention that Bronze Age people couldn’t build a two story building, well, I don’t know what to say. Maybe a few of these images might change his mind: