How do do I cite a fact sheet?

I’m writing a research/expository paper for a class and I’d like to cite fact sheets I’ve gathered from the Center for American Women and Politics (Rutgers University). I’ve looked in my Scott Forman handbook for writers and searched online at the MLA site and googled it, to no avail. I’ve e-mailed my professor (two days ago) who has yet get back to me, and since this is due today and is all I have left to do on this assignment, I would appreciate it if someone can offer an answer. Thanks!

Anna Belle

If you’ve found nothing in any of those references, then I’d suggest you find something close, and emulate that. For example, if you’ve found a method for citing pamphlets, and your fact sheets are similar to pamphlets, use that method.

You may also wish to attach your fact sheets in an appendix, so they’re easily available to your reader.

Thanks, Redsland. I had to cobble together an author unknown pamphlet citation with an online, author unknown book citation. And I talk to my prof. She understands my problem and will take it into account, allowing me to correct at her discretion.