How do electronic airline tickets work?

I have some and I’m just trying to clarify what needs to be presented with the ticket to get boarding passes. What about for a minor (under 18) and the accompanying parent?

If the airline offers online check-in, use it. You’ll be able to print your boarding passes at home.

Make sure that you have government-issued picture ID (if you have it for the minor, bring it, although it won’t be an issue for U18 travelers.)

I know some airlines (Delta, for sure) will print barcodes on their ticket receipts for the express check-in kiosks at the airport.

Barring that, take your ticket receipt to the counter and the agent can print your passes.

I have taken dozens of flights and I have never, not once, brought ANYTHING with me to the airport except my ID. I don’t understand what you;d need to print off beforehand.

With the e-ticket there’s basically 2 methods of checking in at the airport.

#1 - Go to the ticket counter and hand your ID to the agent, they will confirm your destination, ask if you are checking any bags and give you your boarding pass.
#2 - You can also use the automated unit that looks like an ATM which will be located at the ticket counter. All you have to do is swipe a card that will identify you (credit card will work) and confirm your destination. The machine will print your boarding pass and also ask if you are checking any bags. If checking bags an agent will attach the ID tags and you’re done.

e-tickets have made this entire process so much easier. It’s GREAT!

I don’t have a driver’s liscence so my only ID is a cheap school ID. Do I need to get a state ID or something? I think last time I had an international student ID. Would that work?

The requirements as I’ve heard them stated by the agents is that you must have a government issued picture ID. I don’t know that a cheap school ID will work. If you are an international student don’t you have a passport or some other type of government issued ID?

Get thee to a DMV and get a government issued ID! :wink:

Continental’s policies.

Summarizing, you need either a government issued picture ID, or two forms of ID (one issued by the government). You apparently could use a Social Security card and a school ID… but I’m betting you’d save yourself a lot of hassle – for the airline check-in and god knows how many other situations that might arise in the next five years – if you invest $10 or whatever in a state-issued ID card.

Oh I tottaly forgot that passport=ID :smack: . I thought there for a minute that you need an additional one. You don’t right?

It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a State ID if it’s not too much of a problem for you. It could save you some potential hassles.

Note that it is possible to fly if you don’t have ID. You’ll want to be there early and they’ll give you the extra super duper wanding and searching of your bags at security. Plus there’s always the chance that they won’t let you on. So you really do want to have gov’t issued ID.

Calling the airline and asking them if your school ID is sufficient wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Crap, you posted this while I was composing my other reply.
A passport is all you need.