How Do I Acquire an Artist Work on the Secondary Market

There are a few artists who’s work I’m interested in acquiring, but they’re pieces that were produced years (if not decades) ago. How do I find an art dealer who can help me locate the artwork when it becomes available?

What exactly are you looking for, if I may ask?

I would like to acquire one of David Claerbout’s lightboxes, A piece from Drago Trumbetaš’s Migrant Worker series and one of Sharon Core’s flower still lifes.

Several possible approaches.

Look at the artists’ own sites, if they have one online.

Check the Internet for dealers who are selling other works by the artist. These dealers may represent them or work with the artists or estates.

Talk to a local dealer who deals in the price range of these works. (I see Claerbout sells for five figures and Core for almost that much, so fairly high end.) Dealers scan catalogs and auctions constantly and also talk to other dealers at shows and gatherings.

Sign up for a meta-site like and put those particular pieces into key word notification page.

Go to a museum that has other work by the artist and ask if they are aware of the current location