How do I actually save the polar bears?

I was just watching Sharon Lawrence pitching for the World Wildlife Federation, asking for money for the specific purpose of saving polar bears. I give money to this organization and I think they do great work in lots of ways. However, I’m not sure how they would go about saving polar bears. With other animals that are heavily poached or who reside in areas that are being deforested, I can see how the money would help.

However, we’re talking about global warming here. Does the WWF give money to global warming research? Do they beat sense into the mavericks of the world who don’t “believe” in global warming? Other than that, I don’t see how money can help the situation.

Just curious…does anyone know exactly how they’re intervening with regard to polar bears?

I don’t know, but what they should be doing is building giant floating artificial ice floes to cover the arctic ocean, not only saving polar bears but reflecting some of the sun’s heat back into space.

I strongly suspect that “save the polar bears” = fund lobbyists to push for carbon reduction plans.

That’s part of the reason why it was so controversial when it was ruled that the Endangered Species act mandated that the US government must take action to save the polar bears’ habitat i.e. the Arctic ice cap. Granted everyone wants to save the polar bears but… mandate that an intractible problem of global extent must be solved, by any means necessary? I’m sorry for the polar bears, but it’s like saying the damned in hell must have ice.