How do i appeal my thread being taken out?

Ok I had a thread that I posted that I was sent something on Facebook that I wanted to get others views on the validity of it

and I didn’t notice that at the bottom it said “like and repost” and it got cornfieled for spam… is that the only reason it was reported? and if so might i get a reconsideration?


This is how you appeal.
That wasn’t the only reason it was reported and then moved.

I’m going to stay out of the decision making on that as the mod that made the first decision.

I will say that reposting something a friend sent you is hardly what Great Debates or P&E are suppose to be. It was a lot of old retread stuff that has already been debated ad nauseum and yes, that last piece made it pretty much spam.

The full time GD & P&E mods are @Hari_Seldon @raventhief they can of course overrule me. I’m just helping out this week.

For completeness:
What I messaged to nightshadea

Reposting this is pretty close to spamming, especially

Do not do this again or it will be a warning.

This thread is going to the cornfield now.

The content was just a repost from off-site in typical glurgy Email style.

I would have done the same. Thank you to What Exit for taking the action.

This was a re-post of something you apparently have no opinion on (or at least, not enough to comment on it in the OP). It’s a retread of things that have been covered a lot already here.

“Here’s what some random person somewhere thinks, what do you think” is not really a great conversation starter.

Count me in as well.

ok np i just mainly wanted to see the responses i did get mainly …

On FB I use the Snopes groups or the Thatsnonsense group to see if stuff has been de-bunked.

You posted a laundry list of nonsense that, individually, had already been discussed and debunked ad nauseam on this board.

To be fair, you did see the responses you got. :thinking:

IANA Mod but by way of friendly advice let me note that, as with YouTube videos, just plonking in something someone else made with nothing more than a “What do you think?” doesn’t really work here. It’s always best to offer up what you think and why you’re sharing it here (by which I mean something more than “I wanted to know what you thought”). Sometimes a summary may be warranted as well, especially for videos.

If you want engagement, actively engage. Otherwise it’s just spamming.

The rules for several forums already stress not to repost glurge or make an Op that is just a video and “What do you think?”

I know I will try to discourage these style of ops. I mean a music video in the Cafe is different. But even there a summary should be provided.

If it isn’t clear, I’m saying Gyrate is correct.