How do I become a secret shopper?

This fall my class and internship schedule leaves me with very limited time to actually work. I was trying to think of a job that wouldn’t require too many hours, and secret shopper came to mind. Anyone know how to go about a job like that?

And for that matter, has anyone here done it? I’d love to hear if I’m wasting my time just thinking about it.

I don’t know what it is about secret shoppers, but when I used to work in a supermarket (Third Man for a number of years, if it matters), I could usually pick them out somehow, and tip off the staff. Our store may not have always gotten great aesthetic reviews, but the service scores were generally pretty high.

I don’t know how one becomes a Secret Shopper. Maybe your local supermarket still has a review on file, and maybe they’ll let you know what the company’s name is. I’m many years removed from the grocery store business, so I’m not sure if that info is even on the review form. Won’t hurt to ask.

[thread=320079]Here’s[/thread] a previous thread on the topic.


Ah, thanks for that link. I emailed arjee for advice.