How do I change my computer back to English?

I reformatted my hard-drive with the intent to use my Compaq QuickRestore disks to do so. Unfortunately, they were in French. Misguidedly, I hoped that they would somehow give me an English setup. Of course, they didn’t; everything is now in French. I have a copy of the Windows 98 SE CD, but the only boot disk I can create is in French. This doesn’t help, because I can’t get any of the commands.

Is there any way to change my settings to English without re-reformatting my drive?

Considérez ceci une bosse.

Alright, I actually have a new problem, now. When I try to install Windows from the CD, it keeps telling me I need to have… Microsoft Windows.

What the hell?

If you need a bootdisk, try something like this site.

As for installing Windows, what program are you running? What’s probably happening is that you’re launching the wrong program – something that’s not the actual installer and wasn’t meant to be run by you.

Did you try SETUP.EXE under the WIN98 dir on your CD?