How do I change my user name?

I’m tired of it. I have decided it was a stupid name and I should have given it much more thought before I impulsively picked it out. I tried to modify my profile, but I couldn’t find a way to change my name. Is it possible?

If you e-mail with your request, she can accommodate you.

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Any administrator can change your name. Let us know what you want it changed to. We can either change your name, or lock your old name and let you have a new one. If you change your name, you keep your post count. Just let us know how you want us to do it.

If you change your name, how do we know which one is the old one? Hmmmm, puzzled.

Say, we read a message above from Me!!!Joe!!!. How we going to know if thats his old handle or the new one Tuba?


The username change doesn’t affect the thread list. You will notice that the thread starter is still “fat angel”.
When I see a “How do I change my username?” thread in ATMB I always click on it to see what the OP changed their name to.

I just know that whenever I run into him in other threads, I’ll have to refer to him as Him!! Joe!!! :smiley:

So how come I didn’t keep my post count from orangecakes? eh?

Old software, most likely, vanilla. That, or maybe you signed on with a new account?

Anyway, the post count is not the most important thing in the world.

Says the man with a post count of nearly 5000. When’s that 5000 post party set for, Clogboy? I have to make sure I have enough rum on hand for it.

Because with the old software, we could only close one name and open another. With the new software, we can actually go in and change usernames.