How do I clean pewter?

My Google-fu is weak this morning. Also, I think this teeters on GQ and IMHO, so I’ll err on this side of the line.

I have recently pulled our pewter tea-set out of storage as I’ve just got a china cabinet. The set is very tarnished. Can I clean it with Twinkle silver polish?

If I can’t, can someone please tell me how to clean it? Also, what is the best way to prevent further tarnish on pewter and silver?

Thank you!

I’m sure this isn’t the right answer, but my husband has always used regular dish soap and water on our pewter, glass-bottomed beer mugs from England. Cleaned them up nicely, though I have no idea if it actually hurts the metal.

Oh hey, maybe he’s right:

From my googling, apparently a number of brass and copper polishes (not silver) will do the trick as well.

The method I’ve heard for preventing further tarnish is to wrap the piece up in a ziploc bag and seal it, removing as much air in the process as you can.

My Wright’s paste silver polish and Brasso both say they do pewter. I don’t know about Twinkle. Does it say pewter on the package?


No, it doesn’t. That’s why I am asking here.

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Pewter cleaning FAQ:

(I believe that better results are obtained if the cleaner wears a serving wench costume.)

Are you familiar with sliver cleaning cloths? They are impregnated with a sliver cleaning chemical like jewellers rouge, and not as harsh or foul smelling as the liquids. Well you can get ones for cleaning pewter. You can sit and rub while peacefully watching TV, like a domestic Aladdin!

If you can’t get them locally, I’ll happily send you one, but it will take a couple of weeks from Aus.


You could try the old “Aluminium foil and Caustic soda” trick as well.
That’s just a plastic basin full of hot water, lined with a sheet of kitchen foil with about a tablespoon of caustic soda crystals added. Dip pewter or silver in this for 10 mins, remove, rinse well with water, dry. WEAR GLOVES.