How do I contact hotmail?

I’ve been getting viruses from a guy with a hotmail address. (The virus and the text of the message are deleted automatically by my online spam/virus blocker.) I went to hotmail-dot-com, and it redirects to an msn login page. I guess they’re affiliated. (I don’t really pay attention.) I guess I need a trip to Lourdes, because I didn’t see where the “contact” link was.

I want to send the header information to hotmail, and ask them to do something about it. The owner of the e-mail address has not answered my several e-mails to him.

You can try the info on this page, but I suspect it won’t do much good; these addresses are almost invariably spoofed. It’s completely trivial to fake an email address, unfortunately, so spammers and virus writers inevitably do so.

Well, there is this. Is that the type of thing you’re looking for?

99.99999999% of ‘virus’ emails from Hotmail are spoofed. There’s no point contacting them.

It may not even be from someone you know - but a contact of a contact of a friend, where the virus has extracted your address from the ‘cc’ fields of emails. Unfortunatley, all you can do is ignore it.

Carcosa: That’s what I was looking for. I didn’t find an “X-originating-IP” so I guess everyone is correct that it’s spoofed. I sent the report anyway.

in general, send all complaints to abuse@<domain name>. Most good ISP’s do take these complaints seriously.

Unfortunately the chances of your email actually being read by an interested person who acts on it are less than zero. Hotmail must get thousands upon thousands of complaints, bounces and automated responses along these lines every day. And 99.9% will be as a result of fake and spoofed addresses.