How do I copy a 12.5 hour recording to cd on my PC?

I don’t have an ipod or the like. I’m trying to put the recording on cds in Media Player- guess you have to have one cd big enough to fit the whole thing, cause it doesn’t allow you to do it on say 9 or so. :smiley: It won’t start at all unless the first cd can fit the whole thing.

Do I need a program or a different type of cd (or is it impossible)? Office max is closed at the moment… :wink:

Not possible if you want it play in a regular CD player.

I think you’ll need to break up the recording into 12 pieces, and then burn it onto 12 CDs.

How big is the file?

If you have a cd player that plays mp3s, you could encode it so it is small enough to fit on one CD.

I have a portable cd player, that’s all.

And no idea how to do either of the things you guys just said. :slight_smile:

Get yourself one these (or similar).

Do have a CD burner?

What format is the recording in? You can tell by looking at the file extension. (MP3, WMV, etc)

If it’s MP3, here is a free splitter tool you can use to break it up to fit on multiple CDs.


You can use Windows Movie Maker to split the file, though it may not be very intuitive, it’s pretty powerful. It includes a decent helpfile.

Alternatively, you could try this, which is shareware but gives you ten free uses.

I’d break up the file into 65 minute bits, depending on how big your CDRs are, then burn then individually like you were gonna do it in your OP.

Good luck

Why not burn it to DVD? Attach a portable DVD burner and burn away.