How do I create a Trust Bank Account?

Hey, I have an issue. I am trying to raise money for post transplant medical fees I am required to have prior to getting on the Kidney List. I was wondering how to setup a trust bank account where people could donate funds for just this purpose.

I asked my church for help & they asked me to create a trust account at a bank so that the money is designated towards paying for post transplant medical costs only. I asked Bank of America about it & they said it would take legal action/forms. I have looked on, but could not find what exactly I needed.

Any help would be appreciated.

Would that be something like a blind trust?

A trust is something a lawyer would FIRST need to set up. Once it is set up, THEN you could open a bank account in the name of the trust.

Is there any way for a non-lawyer type to set up a trust?

I found this Wiki on how to set up a donation account.

Basically correct. The trust is a separate legal entity created for some purpose. Here, the purpose would be to receive funds and to dispense them only for the limited reason of helping the OP with certain medical bills. Part of the trust’s powers would be to own a bank account, opened and managed by the trustee (who might be the OP).

There are a lot of non-lawyer books and websites about creating trusts, but almost all of these relate to estate planning, rather than limited-purpose payments of medical expenses. Offhand, I do not know how different the OP’s trust might have to be. Step one might be to look for general purpose books for the layperson on creating trusts, and see if there are sections on trusts for purposes other than estate planning. Otherwise, perhaps the church has a lawyer among the congregation who would be willing to donate a little time.

Disclaimer: I am not anyone’s lawyer here. Do not rely on this anonymous chit-chat.

:)Thank you for chiming in. I will check this out.

Bumping this to let everyone know that she raised enough to qualify for a kidney transplant,which is good because, while she was getting hooked up for dialysis tonight, she received “THE CALL”. She is checking into Good Sam tomorrow morning for her kidney transplant operation. My Beloved will be accompanying her to the hospital, and as soon as I can get off work I’m heading over there too.

Great news!

Yes it is, but she still needs to set up an account for the rest of the costs and the aftercare, so any solid advice about trust bank accounts or viable alternatives would be greatly appreciated.

Finding the right lawyer for this task as been a bear. I have gone to a “legal aid” type place, asked lawyers I knew & have spoken to, but am still not getting anywhere.

I have got my new kidney, but still no trust account. I don’t want the “Repo Man” to come & take the kidney back. :smiley:

/me avoids all shiny trunks

Enjoy your shiny new kidney!

Maybe try calling a lawyer who does wills - they’re used to setting up trusts for people. if for slightly different reasons than yours. They might have an idea where to start.

Cerridwyn - what state are you in?

We all live in Portland, Oregon.

I sent you a PM.