How do I create my own "disappearing text" text boxes in Google Slides? - example inside

When you use pre-fab slide templates on google slides, it creates a little text box that says “click here to enter text”. When you click it, that text disappears and your text replaces it. It’s nice. In fact, if you empty out your text, that message “click here to enter text” reappears. Neat.

I am a teacher and sometimes, especially in this more digital age, I create more detailed or complex assignments that I convert over to Google Slides. I have to manually enter my own text boxes. I can type “type here” in the box, but students have to delete the phrase “type here” to actually type there.

How do I create text boxes AND add my own “add text here” message that will disappear when they click on the box?

Here is an editable slide presentation you can look at. This is just a backup copy for you all to be able to freely edit if you like to see if you can figure it out. It also shows the “click here to add text” boxes on slides 2-4. Slide 5 is empty completely.

Anyone know how to do what I’m describing?

I’m not sure of what your process is in converting assignments into Google Slides, but if you’re willing to work with HTML and if the Google Slide conversion process supports it, there’s a ‘placeholder’ attribute you can add to an HTML text input tag that will do what you require. Here’s an example:

Try asking Alice !

If I understand what you’re asking, I’d just take an existing text box that already says “add text here” (from a different slide) and copy and paste it to the slide you want it. Once it’s pasted, you can resize it and the “Click to add text” remains.