How do I do this in Excel?

I have a list of data that I need to make a plot of for a class. However, the data was collected at a samp[ling rate of 0.02 Hz, and I need to plot it versus hours. I can do the math and gather that every data point is 50 seconds apart (or 0.0139 hours,) but how do I input that into excel? Obsiouly some kind of formula, but I don’t know how to tell Excel to multiply 0.139 by the number of the row minus 1 (minus 1 because row 1 is used to identify the columns.)

Put the initial value in the first cell that you want the series in, then select all the cells that you want to have the series in. From the menu, use Edit - Fill - Series, and put the appropriate number in the “Step Value” box.

Alternatively, put the initial value and the last value in the first and cells, select all the cells (including those first and last ones), and use Edit - Fill - Series: the step value will be calculated for you automatically.

Awesome, thanks.