How do I dump folder info into OpenOffice Calc (or Writer)?

I’ve got OpenOffice and want to get my folder and their subfolder titles dumped into a spreadsheet but I’m clueless on how to do this.

Any ideas on how to do this without individually clicking on each folder?

Open a command (DOS) prompt and cd to the directory you want to catalog. The action you want to take (if I understand the question) is to do a recursive directory, redirecting the output to a file. Type in:

dir /b/s >c:\filename.txt

That will give you a list of all the files and directories under the folder you are in. It will be stored in the text file and can be easily imported into any word processor or spreadsheet. For a longer listing, with dates, times and sizes, type the following:

dir /n/s >c:\filename.txt

For additional options, type dir /? in the command prompt. Hope this helps.

Thanks! One additional question is that my data scrolls too fast and the data passes by (besides Pause/Break key)?

If you use /p as one of the parameters, the display will stop with each full page. e.g. ‘dir /s/p’. If you redirect using the >filename.txt, all the results will end up in a single file that you can browse a little more easily using any text editor. Either option works.

Right on! Thanks!