How do I Fight Terrorism with an English degree?

Because I need something to tell people who ask “What are you going to DO with that major?”

I could use it as a fake official document and sneak into a bunker, but other than that…

Since I didn’t read geobabe’s thread yet, perhaps I’m missing a humor theme that is going to make my answer seem a big waste of bandwidth. But I’ll make it over there eventually because damnit, liberal education is a pet topic of mine.

Short yet perhaps insufferably smug answer:

“If I can read, write, and communicate, I can do just about anything.”

Other possibilities:

“Anyone who can get through ‘Absolom, Absolom!’ can sit through the most boring meeting a boss could dream up to send me to”

“Hauling around these gddmned Norton anthologies is the kind of physical workout no other humanities or social science major gets. It’s more bang for the buck”

Get it framed. One of those good laminated-on-a-big-piece-of-mahogany affairs.

Then whack 'em over the head with it.

Write impassioned propaganda that will help those on the fence realize that the U.S.'s cause is just.

The same way those of us with history degrees do.

[sub]No, I don’t know how I fight it yet. That’s for y’all to figure out[/sub]

You can fight illiteracy. Teachers are in high demand all over the U.S., and many countries.

OK. Maybe you prefer a little more excitement. Here’s the “sky marshall” announcement:

Hope to see you on a future flight! :wink: