How do I find a good Immigration Lawyer (NJ preferably)

I’ve had some issues with my applicaiton to become an american citizen (I had a thread relating to those issues a while back). I want to speak to a good immigration lawyer and unfortunately the one my mom worked with is no longer in the state.

I’ve heard some horror stories on what bad immigration lawyers can do from people with some personal experience, and I just want to be sure I’m going to spend money on the best possible representation.

Are there any reputable websites I can search through for good immigraiton lawyers? Do you happen to know a good immigraiton lawyer in my area (Northern New Jersey), or do you happen to BE a good immigraiton lawyer? :wink:

Any help would be greately appreciated, thanks!

The New Jersay State Bar Association will help you locate a lawyer with the appropriate specialty. Here is their website.

Yeesh. “Jersay?” Where’d I come up with that? :smack:

My first place to look would be the Immigration Lawyer Referral Service of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Any attorney who isn’t a member of AILA, at a bare minimu, probably isn’t serious about practicing immigration law. Also, please don’t hesitate to talk to multiple attorneys if you aren’t confident in the advice the first one gives you, and make sure the lawyer you choose has experience handling the specific type of case you need him/her to handle. Immigration law changes at an insanely rapid clip, and a lawyer who isn’t up on the latest developments can potentially really ruin a person’s life. This is particularly true if the situation overlaps at all with criminal law.

Eva Luna, Immigration Paralegal
(if I knew anyone in NJ, I’d make a reocmmendation, but I don’t, so I won’t.)