How do I find agents for specific actors?

For a story I’m working on I need to find the reps for

Will Smith
Jessica Simpson
Ashlee Simpson

I’m having trouble finding contact info but I’m out of my skill set. Can anyone help?

I found a website, It looks like you have to sign up for it but there don’t appear to be any fees.

Will Smith:

Creative Artists Agency
2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067
t: 424.288.2000 f: 424.288.2900
Agent Rick Nicita

Jessica Simpson:

Also CAA
Agent Tracy Brennan (TV) or Rob Light (music)

It appears that Ashlee is rep’d by her father and I couldn’t find any more info on a quick search. I’ll keep looking.

Mm, what an… unfortunate URL.

I just want to say I parsed that as whore presents, and had a serious WTF moment until I figured out it was who represents.

Although I can’t help feeling it somewhat fits my way too.

I’m glad I’m not the only one to see that. I was about one second away from reporting the poster for being a jerk when I saw it could be read in another way.

I parsed it as whore represents and it seemed completly resonable to me.

Reminds me of when I did tech support for a guy trying to get to the Trucker’s Exchange website.

(Sorry for the hijack, JC, good luck with your story!)

Heh, I didn’t even see that when I looked it up. And I’m the one people count on to have a dirty mind!! I must be slipping. - Go but I can be 99% sure that it was originally bought to be parsed as “god

I also had a customer who had originally signed onto AOL with a husband/wife account “LesTricia” (her name is changed, though I doubt anything would come of giving her real name.) His name was Les and hers was Tricia - makes sense. Except… most people misunderstood it as meaning she liked girls and not guys. Oops. No ma’am I’m sorry we can’t change your name and transfer your email, you’ll have to open a new account with AOL.

– IG

No worries with the hijack. I’m just glad to get the information.

Odd that they’re repped by the same agency. I wonder if the guy I’m checking up on has some sort of arrangement there.