How do I find someone to fix a desk?

Searchs for office furniture repair finds refinishers.

I need a desk drawer locking mechanism adjusted and repaired.

The Drawer glides work great. It’s the main locking bar that’s malfunctioning. Lock the middle drawer and the other drawers are locked too.

Great feature when it works. I have one drawer that doesn’t unlock after I unlock & open the middle drawer.

I can’t think of who to call.

I’d fix it myself if I knew how to access the mechanism and adjust it.

Pull all the drawers out, and you should be able to access the lock bar. It’s generally at the back of the desk, and runs up through slots in all the drawers. It moves up and down with a small lever, which has probably become loose or bent.

Is this a fairly new desk?

You might look for an authorized dealer for the desk. They may do repairs or tell you where to go.

I’ll take a look and see what can be done.
It is an older desk that we recently bought.

I wonder if lock smiths work on these mechanisms?

Maybe a cabinet maker? It’s a little out of their line but that seems to be close.

Any office furniture seller who does setups should be able to handle it.

I bet a locksmith could do it. There is the added benefit that they usually make house calls.

At the risk of being, like, really obvious, have you tried searching for a video? Maybe using the manufacturer’s name, if you know it? There are videos out there about everything!

I searched YouTube. Desk repair finds refinish tips.

Search on desk locking mechanism finds a few vids on the lock. But nothing on adjusting the bar system.

I called a locksmith. They suggested calling a office furniture store. That’s my next step.

I look at removing the center drawer myself for a DIY repair. I don’t see a way. I sure don’t want to get it out and then can’t get it reinstalled.

These repairs are so simple at work. One call to physical plant gets it repaired. Physical plant has a couple guys that are pretty good with general repairs.

Last resort, I’ll talk to them and see if they want to earn some after hours $$.

A general “handyman” could probably do it. That’s probably the skillset the guys at the physical plant have.

If you already know they’re good at it, I’d go to them first, not last :slight_smile: