How do I fix my email?

My Yahoo email was recently hijacked - a fake message was sent out to my entire contact list to look as though it came from me. If that wasn’t enough, now most of my incoming emails are going directly to trash, bypassing the inbox completely.

Is there any way to prevent further messages from going out in my name? And more importantly, how do I get incoming emails to go directly to my inbox?

Check your spam filters to see if whoever hacked your account added a filter to dump most of your emails in an attempt to keep you from seeing bounced emails or people responding to tell you you’ve been hacked.

All of the bounced email notifications went straight to my trash folder. Several of the responses from my contacts did appear in my in box. My spam folder looks like it just contains stuff that ordinarily appears there.

I’m not saying to check your spam folder, check your spam filter. There’s probably a filter that you didn’t add that’s directing most of your mail right into the trash.

It may be time to set up another email address, for example Google’s Gmail.

Note for $5 a month you set up automatic email forwarding from your Yahoo address (until you get all your correspondents switched):

In your yahoo mail, find the gear icon (it’s off to the right on my (desktop) screen). Click that and hit ‘more settings’. On the settings page, you’ll see “filters”, click on that to see your spam filters. I bet you’ll see at least one, and possibly more, filters that are fairly broad and are set to “deliver to trash”.
Delete them and see if that fixes the problem.

Yep, that appears to be the issue. Thanks.