How Do I Get a Federal Job Retraining Grant (ala Matthew Lesco)?

I am tired of my current job, and would like a new career. I understand from Lesco (the guy who wears those clothes covered with question marks), that the federal gov has oodles of money to give away -so how do I apply for such a grant? Are they easy to get?

I’ve read Lesko’s books, and first of all don’t buy one, there usually available at the library.

Is Lesko a liar? No, not exactly but he’s just not fussy about the truth. :slight_smile:

For instance, I’d say 3/4 of his “federal money” is in the forms of loans. To me, a loan that must be repaid back is NOT free money.

Grants are in there but there is always a catch. For instance, there is free money if you want to open a business. Suppose I want to open a barber shop. If that is on a list of available things that the grant money is for that’s fine. But there’s a catch. First of all you have to locate this barber shop in a place that the grant directs. No one is going to give you money to open a business on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Instead you will be required to open it in a “rough” neighborhood. Now this makes sense, the idea is to direct more local business to underserved areas. These are usually inner cities and far our rural places.

If you do open a business with grant money you are subject to the grant’s terms. Usually this means inspection, and doing business exactly as the terms of the grant say. If not you’ll be held liable to repay this grant. The grant of money isn’t free unless you comply with it’s terms. And federal loans and such aren’t usually subject to discharge in bankruptcy court.

I used one program for low cost meds in the 90s. It took me 6 years on the waiting list to get approved. By then of course, I had insurance.

Grants are often made soley to organizations. Lesko’s books will point you toward them. Then you have to deal with the organization.

There are lots of free programs and free money, but it comes with a catch always and it’s not always useful. For instace, Chicago has a program where you can get a one time grant to pay your rent for a month, BUT… You have to be already one month behind in your rent to get it. So that means, if I apply and I’m not one month behind, I don’t get it. If I do apply I am not only one month behind but I’m starting my second month in the hole too.

So I suggest go to the library get Lesko’s book and look. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find a program you can work with. But be prepared to wait a long time, a grant can take a year or so to get, even if you agree to the terms.

To qualify, you need to collect unemployment and then have an excuse why you can’t retain your current type of employment.

Me, I am a Machinist and Welder, 15 years. I was laid off, collected unemployment and I am over 40 and there are no jobs and I have nerve damage in my legs recently, and I cant stand all day long anymore for work.

I had qualified, but unemployment started having issues with non payments. What good is school if you cant get bills paid to go to school.

I was in school prior to being laid off for ACAD and Design, which my company was supposed to reimburse me for after it was completed. :mad:

Thanks markxxx, I like ralph124c just want to locate federal assistance to get a better job. Most of the websites I have checked out are targeted for 19-24 year olds, not older americans like myself. I just want to find a legitimate agency to help me instead of information gathering websites that are ultimately scams to begin with!. I just want to get back to work and to do that I need to learn a new trade or skill set. Thanks for your comments, they were helpful and for ralph 124c where ever you are if you find a source for a loan or a grant please reply back to this site so I can follow your progress, so far all the ones I have applied for monies are not available in my state of Idaho for some reason.

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). You can use that to go to college, or back to college to get training for a new profession. Depending on your income it may cover all your student expenses or just some. What it doesn’t cover, you can get covered with a student loan.

It goes by your W2s, however if your income has greatly changed since last year you can file an appeal.