How do I get a grant for this?


I need help with something for my school. As I’ve said before, I teach at a small charter school in Phoenix. We don’t have a true computer lab; it’s used as a classroom and most of the computers don’t work. I teach English, and I frequently need to have my students typing or researching things.

I’m looking for a grant for a laptop cart for my room. I would like a cart with 30 laptops, but I’ve never looked for grants or anything like that before.

Can you help me?

People may come up with some good ideas, but grant writing is slow and time consuming. Has your school considered doing some fundraisers for things like this? My kids’ public schools have several major fundraisers a year and lots of little ones (bake sales, etc.) They also go out to local business and ask for donation–either of cash or items/services that can be auctioned or raffled off at the annual dinner dance. It does require parent participation, which is pretty widely available at our schools, but may be like pulling teeth at others.

Your post reminded me of this site: Donors Choose. I don’t know if there are parameters for the requests, but it seems worth checking out.

Good luck.