How do I get official documentation of my SAT scores?

I’m thinking about joining MENSA, and my SAT scores would qualify me, but I took the test in 1988 or 1989 and I’m reasonably sure I don’t have the original document that gave me my scores. I’ve tried my friend Google, but I can’t seem to find out how I might get a copy of my scores that I can get notarized such that I can satisfy MENSA’s requirements.

Has anyone gone through this process? Any guidance would be appreciated.

Why not try the contact us section of the College Board’s website . They administer the SAT.

Or contact your high school. Typically guidance offices also receive official notification of your SAT and/or ACT results and attach those results to your high school transcripts.

You can get in with your SAT scores? Based on IQ test questions I’ve seen, I always assumed I would never be anywhere near good enough for Mensa, because my response to the question is usually “Um… Well uh…”

But I have very good SAT scores. All I can find online is:

So, are you sure the SAT counts? If so, I may have some phone calls to make.

Oh. Sorry. From that same page:

And, on a bit further research, the SAT does count. Hooray!

You have to contact the College Board and pay them an outrageous fee, something like $30 or $40 to mail you one report. If I remember correctly you have to pay most or all of that fee even if you get something wrong and they don’t find any results for you. (Funny, any other company in this world could tell you that in the time it takes the operator to type in your name or SSN. The wonders of modern microcomputers.) The report takes several weeks.

It should cost maybe 50 cents at most but they rape you for each report because you might need it to get into a college so you have to pay.

Get this. I called my mom and she managed to dig up the scores from when I first took the test, which aren’t as good as my second set of scores, but good enough to qualify. So I sent that off to Mensa with a letter and the form printed from their website.

Before my mom told me she found the document, though, I called the College Board and agreed to their fee to track down a record of my scores. I think the fee was forty-something bucks. What stuck out in my mind was the fee they charge if they DON’T find a record of the scores - $17 to pay for their time. Wow. If I had $17 everytime I tried and failed…