How do I get rid of this error message?

Its one of those “this program has performed an illegal operation and will be cancelled.”

The message is titled Wtoolsa. Details say invalid page fault. Kernel32.dll at 016f:bff76723.

It only occurs when I am off line. If I open the net it never shows up. Not too troublesome but just drives me batty!
Any ideas??

Could be spyware. (sounds like it is accessing the internet and crashing when it is unable to)

Download adaware and spybot (links in my sig) (ignore the temporary lame bit of the sig)

A quick google suggests that it is spyware.

I ran Ad aware…it found some probs and supposedly fixed them. Still gettin the messages. BTW I just downloaded Adaware last weekend and have all the prescribed updates.

I also ran AVG and it found nothing as well.

Here is the help given on another board. It looks complicated. I’ll keep looking for a simpler fix.

The really bloody frustrating thing is that all the google results are from boards that have moved to new servers so I keep getting re-directed to their main pages or error pages.

Try this

ctrl-alt-delete. do ‘end task’ on ‘Wtoolsa.exe’

delete the following directory

“C:\Program Files\Common files\WinTools”

(make sure you’ve got “show hidden/system files” on)

then reboot.

I installed and ran spybot…
Dang thing is still there!
Thanks for your help Lobsang, I’ll try your other suggestion…

Let me know if it works. It looks like something I/we will have to watch out for.