How do I get rid of this stink?????

I’ve had cats, dogs, and birds as pets my entire life. Right now we have 2 cats, 7 and 9 years old. One of them (we don’t know which one) used the litter box about 4 hours ago.

I have never, and I mean NEVER had a problem like this before. We emptied the box into the outside trash can. We sprayed the box with Lysol. We have been spraying the room with deodorizor every 15 minutes or so. My God, this funk just will not go away!!! These are strictly indoor cats, so it’s not like they ate something different. They have been eating the same food their entire lives, so I don’t know why one of them had such a stinky movement. But how do I get this smell out of the house? Like I said, I’ve had cats my enitre life but I’ve never had a smell linger for so long. It’s just hanging in the air and it won’t go away. We checked to make sure they didn’t have an accident or “miss” the box. Nope. No turds laying around. This smell is just in the air, hanging around. I’ve used an entire can of spray and my wife lit up some candles and we can still smell it. Help!!

What’s the weather like in your area? The best solution is to open a couple of windows and turn on a fan…if the weather permits. Otherwise, you might want to look into activated charcoal. I’ve heard that if you leave half an onion in a freshly painted room, it will absorb the paint fumes. That might work, if you’re reading this in the dead of night when you can’t get your hands on activated charcoal (I believe that pet supply companies carry it, for use in aquariums).

Several ideas:

Get some Febreze odor neutralizer or the like…it works quite well.

Put ground coffee in a pan & leave it in the room. this also works.

Janitorial stores have super stregnth odor killers, if there’s one handy.

Open windows & use a box fan to draw air out.

Of course, if you’ve removed the source of the smell, it will go away with a little time. I’m a painting contractor & know a little about getting rid of unpleasant odors…never heard of the onion trick though!

Go to your local metaphisycal bookstore or head shop and get some real Frankencense and Mhyrr and the small charcoal cakes that are used to burn them. Use a self lighting charcoal cake to burn it per the instruction below;

[li]Use a noncombustible container to hold the charcoal cake. Be careful of glass ashtrays and the like as they will shatter from the heat of the charcoal cake. You are basically lighting a briquet. If you use a metal container, be sure it is not in direct contact with other surfaces. Put it on another unburnable insulating object.[/li]
[li]Light the charcoal cake and set it in the container. Light the cake by holding a flame to one edge of it for several seconds. The charcoal is compressed with a small amount of gunpowder so that once it is lit it will continue to burn through and ignite fully.[/li]
[li]Wait for the charcoal cake to light completely through. Once the center begins to glow a dark red you are ready to proceed.[/li]
[li]Take some of the crystallized incense and place a few chunks of it on the lit charcoal cake. The incense should begin to produce copious amounts of smoke.[/li]
[li]Close the doors and windows of the room you are attempting to fumigate. Allow the incense to burn completely. If the cake is still glowing, remove the burned residue and then add more of the incense chunks and continue.[/li]
[li]Adjust the combination of the two types of incense to suit your desired aroma factor.[/li]
[li]Once the air in the room is no longer smokey, open the windows and door and allow the room to air.[/li]You will find this to be highly effective. This ancient method was used for a reason.

If you have surfaces that are contaminated by urine or the like, use citrus oils (orange or lemon) to counteract residual odors.

Some pet supply stores have a product that neutralizes cat and dog odors. I can’t for-the-life-of-me remember what it is called, but it has some kind of inzyme that kills the odor. A roomates cat caused all kind of odor problems and this stuff worked pretty well.