How do I get rid of Windows Messenger?

A program called Windows Messenger comes up all the time on my computer. One of our babysitters must have installed in awhile ago. I can’t figure out how to get rid of it. When I look at Add or Remove Programs, it doesn’t seem to be there. Its not in the menu of Startup programs. Where is this program and how can I get rid of it PERMANANTLY?!

In the add/remove programs window, on the left pane there is a add/remove windows components. See if you can remove it from there.

Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. Scroll down to Windows Messenger Service and right-click it, then select Properties. Pull the dropdown menu next to Startup Type and select Disabled. Reboot.

I think the question was about the Windows Messenger instant messenging program and not the Windows Messenger Service. In that case, you need to run it to get rid of it. Once it’s running, click on the Tools menu and select Options. Click on the Preferences tab and clear the checkbox next to “Run this program when Windows starts” and then click OK.

Those are one and the same. The one you’re thinking of is called MSN Messenger; different beast entirely.

No, Windows Messenger and MSN Messenger (which is now called Windows Live Messenger) are separate IM programs, and neither is the same as Messenger Service.

Sorry, but that’s not correct. Windows Messenger does have an IM client, but it is run by the Windows Messenger Service. You disable the service, you disable the client. The IM feature is a component of the service.

Shoot The Messenger

Or not. Ok, looks like you are right, Dewey. I wonder why, then, did Windows Messenger disappear when I disabled the service shortly after installing XP? It would seem there’s some connection there.

On this computer, I’ve got the Windows Messenger icon in the system tray, but Messenger service is disabled. I can right-click on the Windows Messenger icon and click Exit, but it returns when I restart the computer, unless I uncheck “Run this program when Windows starts.”

I’ve found the easiest way is to make sure the program isn’t running. (Control Alt Del, and ‘end task’) it. Then navigate to C:\program files\ and find it’s folder. I beleive it’s called Messenger and change it’s name. After you do that it can’t run anymore. It’s by far the best/fastest/easiest fix I’ve found to date.

Thanks for the posts!

I have never used Windows Messenger, but a friend of mine likes it.
When she visited, she used it and it popped up for about a week after she left.

I couldn’t find it at first in ‘Add / Remove Programs’ and its icon didn’t appear in the tool bar.
I found it under ‘Windows Components’ (thanks Treis :slight_smile: ) and unchecked it. A Wizard told me the change had been noted.

OK so far.

Not very useful. Thanks anyway.

Windows Messenger Service is not in the list. I will keep trying other options.

This box is not clicked in the first place.
Why isn’t this program listed in msconfig under Startup programs?

solkoe are you using Outlook Express?

CMC fnord!

Do you have something called “Messenger” in the list of services?

solkoe, you replied to other people’s suggestions, but not mine. Did you try using the program I linked to? It works for me.

Wait, we are talking about Windows XP here, right? I just assumed, but you never mentioned explicitly which OS you’re using.

I’m an idiot.* tries* - You had it. In the ADD/REMOVE section there is a Windows component section on the left side. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!! I didn’t.

Oh - and always RESTART for changes to take place. :smack:

Thanks for everyones help. I learned today!