How do I get rid of "XP Home Security 2011?"

How do I get rid of “XP Home Security 2011?” This bogus “alert” showed up on my netbook this evening. I ran spybot S&D and ESET NOD32 antivirus, with no effect.

Thanks in advance for any help. Clean your whole computer

Just yesterday I succesfully disinfected a laptop that had this virus. I simply removed the hard disk and hooked it to my desktop computer and did a full scan with Microsoft Security Essentials.

Disinfection from within the infected computer is possible, but always the best way is to hook the disk to a clean computer and disinfect from there.

Remember to always update Flash and Java because this is how these viruses spread.

I’d say using a Live CD is easier. It accomplishes the same thing, not booting the infected drive. I like this one.

Run Malwarebytes, it will remove this. the free version will do it…if you have to run it in safe mode then run it again after it removes the main infection.

Keep in mind this is a netbook. He can’t run a CD unless he has an external CD drive that can be booted from, and it’s unlikely he can pull out the hard drive to plug it into another computer.

It is possible to boot from USB sticks with most netbooks, and it should be possible to make a bootable USB stick with whatever scan and clean tools are necessary.