How Do I Go About Applying to an MBA Program

It’s been 15 years since I graduated from college, and given the current job market, I’m considering applying to grad school to get my MBA, however, I have no idea how to go about choosing a program. In high school, I had a guidance counselor who recommended colleges to me, are there similar people out there in New York City to help a 37-year-old?

Just like any college education, you have to start yourself by doing research. There are books at any major bookstore that can help. They are in the college and education section and you could easily pick up a couple this morning to get you somewhat oriented to the process this afternoon.

  1. Where are you willing to move?

  2. How much debt are you willing to incur.

  3. How much time (in years and semesters) are you willing to spend?

  4. Do you want part time or full time study?

  5. Is an executive MBA program a choice for you based on your current job (generally a working MBA program with intensive weekend courses)?

  6. How good are your current qualifications based on work experience?

  7. How important is prestige to you?

  8. Are there any sub-specialties that are especially important to you?

You could also contact the alumni relations department of the school from which you received your earlier degree for advice, I imagine.

I currently work as a Research Assistant in the MBA office at my school. The advice Shagnasty gave is a great starting off point. If you have any specific questions about the application process I will be happy to answer them (as best I can…it varies from school to school)

The Graduate Management Admission Council is the group that runs the GMAT, which is the test you’ll need to take to apply for business school. They have a website at, which has information on how to register for the exam and get information about the schools that offer MBA programs. There are many schools that do offer it, by the way and a lot of ways to get an MBA (one- and two-year full-time programs, executive programs, joint degree programs, etc.).