How do I go about getting my account deleted?

In light of some recent events, I’ve decided that I can no longer in good conscience continue to post here. How does one go about getting their account deleted?

You can take “ModernRonin” as well; that was an account I screwed up and forgot the PW on.

If you want to stop posting at the SDMB, you can always simply walk away and not come back. If you do want a staff member to make sure that you can’t post here again, just send an e-mail to one of the administrators.

Thanks for the info.

NO NO NO NO NO!!! This is completely incorrect information.

First you must head over to MPSIMS or The Pit and write a long but non-specific thread about the fact that you are leaving and that this is the last time you will post. Then post at least 10 more times answering peoples inquires as to why you are choosing to leave. After that, you may go if you chose, or you can just wait a few months and repeat the process.

Thats how you do it! :wink:


You know, if I had a nickel for every time over the last couple of years I muttered, “Take this message board and shove it”, and deleted it from my Favorites list, I’d be on the Forbes 400 list. There is something frequently peculiarly frustrating about the SDMB, in comparison to other boards.

But if I’d e-mailed Tuba and asked her to delete my account every time I tore out another handful of hair, she wouldn’t be speaking to me today.

You don’t have to delete your entire account to take a time-out. Whatever it was, it can’t be that bad.

If you just want to be prevented from posting for a while, for your own mental health or whatever, ask an Admin just to remove your posting privileges, which they can do temporarily. Other posters who felt they needed an enforced vacation from the boards have done this, and have come back better, and stronger, and much, much calmer. :smiley:

This thread might also attract some trolls, so I’ll close it since the question has been answered.