How do I go from a chracter to unicode number?

For example I can key in & followed by # followed by 8405 and a semicolon and get ⃕.

But if I only had ⃕ how would I go the other way and find the number associated with the symbol?

Funny, I can’t do that. It just shows up as a little box on the reply screen.

Unless it’s supposed to show up as a little box. How do I find out? When I type it in MSWord, it just comes out as &$ 8405; (without that little space in the middle).

And what if I decide I want to spell someting that way? Am I out of luck?

ETA: I tried it in Notepad, too. Comes out the same way it does in Word.

Well, if you’re viewing the text in a browser, you can right-click on the page and go to “view source”. Then do a search through there for some of the text around the symbol.

You can copy/paste the char into the box of (plugging a site of mine, sorry - but it does do exactly what the OP asked for)

Or if you don’t have a coded example to copy/paste, you search for it in the unicode charts (which isn’t all that hard if you know what the symbol is.

here’s a set of charts

Nice. I am going to bookmark that. But you have a typo right near the top:

In FileMaker:

Code (YourCharacterItself) ==> the unicode value (in decimal not hex, if you care)