How do I go see a Mexican soccer game?

I live a couple of hours from the Mexican border. I’ve never been to that country, however, and as the beginning of its Apertura 2006 professional soccer season looms in August, I’ve recently begun thinking about visiting and getting myself to a game while I’m at it–since I’ve also never been to a high-level professional men’s soccer game. So I found the Wikipedia article about the Mexican “Primera División”, looked up the league’s official website (dusting off the ol’ español skillsets), and calculated the distance from lovely San Diego to each city that hosts a first-division team. Unfortunately, they seem to be concentrated almost exclusively in the southeastern corner of Mexico (is that where all the TV money is or something?), with a small handful of strays that are still a couple of states south of Texas. There’s no possible way I can afford to fly down there (Expedia lists $439 as the best price to get from here to Torreón, site of the closest team, and that’s if I drive a couple hours north to LA first).

The best Tijuana team, in terms of being in the highest division, seems to be Dorados de Tijuana (founded in 2003!?). I don’t know anything about this team, Wikipedia doesn’t have an article, and I can’t find anything online about the team (their website, while fluff-free–unusual for a professional sports team–is also pretty much content-free as well) or the stadium (supposedly CREAD Stadium, whose returns no hits in English except for a useless Wikipedia article and its unofficial mirrors, and seemingly no relevant hits in Spanish). I can figure out how to get to Tijuana; hop on the trolley and walk over the border from the San Ysidro station, which seems to be about 1/5 mile away; or drive down to the border, park somewhere on the American side, and walk over; or even drive across if I’m feeling particularly sadistic and have a lot of time to kill…

But how do I get to a game once I’m there? Are there taxis or busses that go to the stadium? How much do they cost? How much do tickets, concessions, beer, etc. cost? Will I get stiffed on things because of my obvious American accent and look? How are the stadiums? How much does this vary among the teams? Will any of these things be better/worse/different if I somehow scrape up the money to go see a first-division team?

Thanks in advance!

If you take the trolley to the border and then walk across you will immediately run into a huge taxi stand. DO NOT TAKE THIS ONE, they will rip you off. If you wander about a block or two west, there will be a “locals” taxi line up which will cost you much less. I was there about 4 months ago and and it cost about $50 to get to Rosarito where as I think the local taxis would’ve cost half that much. Plus, the dudes in the “American Turista” cab line are unmitigated assholes (The twat would not drive us an additional 1/4 mile to our condo from Puerto Nuevo). Don’t take my word on it, there are numerous internet sources that will give you info, especially because of the popularity of such altars of culture as Abelita’s (never been there, but I have read about it somewhere). Make sure you get a hard quote on the price beforehand, plus you will have to pay for tolls. Have fun, hang out in Rosarito while you are there and eat a bunch of fish tacos (no double entendre intended).

There are probably buses, I’ve just never taken them. Driving sucks, it’s an interesting experience driving in a third world country (Make sure you buy Mexican insurance). If you have an SUV, there’s a reasonable chance of it getting stolen, and the cops are completely corrupt. It’s been a while, but the last time I was pulled over I could bribe my way out of a ticket for $30 (Long time ago, things have probably changed). Driving back to the USA is a real bitch, you can count on it taking more than 3 hours during rush hour.

If I was in San Diego, I’d spend half my time in Baja! By the way, walking both ways across the border was effortless, but I did it a bit off rush hour. You just walk into Mexico, and coming back they x ray your bag, but it was way faster than any airport (I barely slowed down). Sorry, don’t know nothing about soccer.

Hire a coyote to sneak you across the border.

Good info, thanks!

I have an SUV, I probably won’t take it down there. I’m aware that driving over the border and especially back is awful. Overall not worth it, it seems. From what I’ve heard (from recent immigrants) the cops are still very bribable on all matters.

Hey, I’m not trying out for the national team!

Alternatively, if you can afford $250 travel, you can fly round trip on Volaris from Tijuana to Toluca, where you can catch a local Diablos Rojos match. Or take a free hourlong airport shuttle from Toluca to Mexico City that will leave you about a $2 cab ride away from the Olympic Stadium for a Pumas match, or a $5 cab ride away from the Aztec Stadium for an Atlante or CF America match.

If it was was me this is what I’d do… I’m sure it would be entertaining seeing a little regional team (I’m all for little regional football teams :slight_smile: ), but seeing 120000 people at watching Americas-vs-Pumas or some other big D.F. derby would be amazing.

I actually found out I can get a great deal on a flight from Tijuana to Guadalajara, which brings up the next question: Who’s coming with?