How do I host secure web pages (https) on a MacOS X 5.8 box

I use a testbed server and host a few low-traffic web pages. I need to set one up as a secure connection. The computer acting as server is running MacOS X 10.5.8 and the web server is the built-in Apache web server that it came with.

Nothing obvious leaps out at me. Is there a prefspane option or a setting that I engage somewhere, or is it a messier process involving installing additional software packages, or what?

Luckily the stock Apache comes with SSL support, but you’ll have to do a little tweaking in httpd.conf to get it turned on. You’ll also need to generate an RSA keypair, an SSL certificate for your server, and self-sign the cert using your own certificate authority. (Assuming you don’t already have a properly signed SSL certificate. If you do, you can probably use that.)

Apple has a surprisingly detailed tutorial on setting it up.

Here are instructions for doing the same with Macports, if that’s what you’re using.