How do I include my academic research papers on a resume?

I’ll be a 1st year grad student and I’m applying for a research fellowship. I don’t have enough academic experience to really have a cirriculum vitae so I’m submitting a resume instead but I’d still like to list some research papers I did during undergrad, but I have no idea how to do this. This is what I have so far and if anyone can offer any recommendations, that would be rad! Thanks!

Education: University of xxxx, xx degree 2005
Major research projects: “Title of Research Project” Supervised by Professor xx. xx pages. Grade: A

You write a CV. Sure it looks a bit thin, but you’ve gotta start somewhere. If you’re applying for a research fellowship as a first year grad student they know you’re just a first year student and have little to show as yet. Further, “fellowship” sounds like a generally academic position, and academics use CVs. Best to start one now and constantly update it rather than to wait until you complete your degree. and have to go back searching for all sorts of information.

Thanks for the advice. The fellowship said that you can include either a CV or a resume so I’m opting for resume for now.

Basically, a CV IS a resume.

I wouldn’t put my letter grade on the paper, BTW. Better to act like all you ever get, or expect to get, is A grades. If someone actually asks, you can furrow your brow, act like you’;re trying to figure out what “What grade did you get?” means, pause a few seconds, and then say like you’re talking to a retarded person, “I got an A” like “Duh, isn’t that my job? To get A’s? What did you think I got? A B? Don’t be silly. Who do you think you’re dealing with?”

Yeah, they can’t possibly expect you to have published or to have probably given conference papers already so I wouldn’t worry about it. If you wrote a final thesis or an honors thesis go ahead and give the title, but I wouldn’t throw anything else on there. Did you work on any research projects or give any public papers or anything?

My resume is a list of skill I learned or used while a student that includes writing a research paper:

bulletpoint Used A#1 analysometer, superdooperculturescooper, and the machine that goes pling.
bulletpoint Manged my very own supplies, washed my own dishes and even took out the trash.
bulletpoint Developed protocol for really cool experiment nobody’s ever done before and documented protocol and findings in “fancy title including latin in italics of how I did the previously impossible and what I learned form it.”