How do I increase financial fraud security

I didn’t have a problem with my visa debit card for the first 6 years or so that I had it, but in the last year I have had to cancel it 3 times and replace it due to unauthorized transactions.

I do not see this in any of my other accounts (other visa account, student loan, etc). But am worried about ID theft and security.

So what can I do now? I only had this last visa debit card for 2 months and barely even used it for purchases (and the purchases were at a handful valid sites I have bought from before), and it was still broken into. I’m not sure what is up.

Are any of the anti identity theft companies out there (LifeLock, TrustedID, etc) worth signing up for?

Is there a certain browser I should be using online? I usually use chrome or firefox.

Dude, if this is happening to you, I am 99% certain it’s someone you know.

Did you ever find the source of who’s using your debit card? It’s highly unlikely these are random things.

Someone you know or someone who has access to your garbage or something is using it or selling it.

Don’t be fooled, roommates will not use your debit card, but they may sell the numbers for drink or a hit of drugs (not to judge your friends but it happens)

There is no identity theft company that can do what you can do for free, as long as your vigilant.

My first suggestion is lose the debit card. If your credit is fine, why use a debit card. Your protections are better with a credit card. Debit cards have good protection but the credit cards are better.

If you’re credit is bad look into a secured Visa/MC. That way your credit limit is the aount of money the cc companies hold against you.

If your debit card is from a bank, change banks, if it’s always been the same banks. Tellers make a little more than minimum wage, selling numbers is an easy way to get money.

When I was an asst controller in a hotel, twice I caught people writing down credit card numbers of people that stayed in the hotel and selling them. I caught reservations clerks asking for the 3 digit card numbers on the back of the CC to hold a reservation. We don’t do that, most hotels don’t use that. So if you make a reservation to hold (not pay for but HOLD a room) they shouldn’t be asking for that info. (If you are paying for the room via the phone they most likely will need that 3 digit card ID number)

But if it’s happening as much as you say, I’d look at people close to me and see. Your friends probably won’t be looking in your wallet and using the numbers, but they may be writing them down and selling those numbers to others. This way it removes a layer of fraud from them directly.

My wife’s job deals with bank fraud all the time. In my (secondhand) professional opinion: What **Markxxx **said.
Or, as we used to say in the military … Once is bad luck. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is enemy action.

You have an inside job targetting you.