How Do I Insert a Photo into My GQ OP?

I have a photo I wish to show to the SD along with a General Question (GQ) about what the heck this is. How have people been able to post a photo and/or a link to a photo? Can the photo reside in my “My Pictures” folders, or do I need to post at something like Snapfish to share?

  • Jinx

You need to have it on the web somewhere. Snapfish, photobucket, your own website/server, etc.

The SDMB server can’t read your hard drive, no matter what the tin-foil hats want you to believe…or can they? BWAHAHAHA.

And note that you can only post a link. A photo will not show up on your post.

If you want, you can just email it to me and I’ll put it on my Flickr account for ya. troymccluresf at gmail.

Why can’t I just simply cut and paste a photo into my post?

Because the “Ghost of Goatse” will haunt this message board once again.

This is a message board. All the text you see is stored on the SDMB database, and for a variety of very important reasons the Powers that Be don’t allow you to store images on the database. They’re very, very large compared to text, people have abused this in the past, and mainly, this board it about words and ideas, not pictures.

If the picture is online, you can place a link to the image in your post. The mods have turned off the ability to have that image show up as a picture in the middle of your post because of past abuse and because this message board is about words and ideas, not pictures. But a link to the image can still illustrate any point you are trying to make.

It’s not hard to get an image on the web, you can use or any one of hundreds of free image hosting sites.

The Goatse image is really, really interesting. In fact, it’s so interesting, I recommend that the next time you’re in the office, you call your boss over to your computer, tell him/her you’ve got something really fun to share, and Google search “Goatse.” Don’t read the text results; just switch immediately to the “image” page. And thank me later. :smiley:
Disclaimer: Take the advice of a known smart-aleck at your own risk. And treat this as an illustration of why embedded images are prohibited.

Of course you don’t really want to do that – not if you want to keep your job in most places .