How do I keep my Ikea slat bed from falling?

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This is starting to make me crazy. I got a bed from Ikea- you know, one of the ones that uses slats instead of a boxspring. It’s fine, except that the slightest move makes the slats on one side or another fall the the floor. I can’t get through the night without at least minor bed failure, and Og fobid I have a guy friend over.

There has to be some solution.

I drilled holes into the ends of the slats and the bed frame, and bolted them into place. They haven’t budged since.

I take it the slats just rest on the frame? Couldn’t you just drill a hole and secure the slats with wood screws onto the frame?

There are small plastic pegs that you put at the head and the foot of the bed that keep the slats from moving around. It sounds like those are not installed.

See figure 17. You can pick up those pegs at your friendly local Ikea parts bin, near the area where you pick up large items.

Sound like either you’ve got the wrong size slats or haven’t put the bed together properly? We have two IKEA beds with slats and have never had problems with either of them.

Additional thought: the slats are held together by two thin plastic strips that run the length of the bed. The strips should not be removed, they are crucial to holding everything in place even though they look like packing material. If the strips were removed, buy new slats.

Those keep the slats ‘stretched’ fore-and-aft. It sounds to me as if the OP’s slats are falling off the sides. That’s my assumption anyway, since it happened to me when I got my Ikea bed 20 years ago (and still in great condition!). The problem is that the slats are just a little too short for the L-channels that run along the sides of the bed. I fixed this by putting a little spacer (I think I used a dowel) at the ends of the slats. Not all of them; just a few. This keeps the slats centered laterally, and they don’t fall off.

Its a test! If he can rock your world without dislodging any slats…hes a keeper :smiley:

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Nah, the keeper is the one who buys a couple lengths of dowel and keeps the slats from falling no matter how vigorous he is. :wink:

Got the pegs…the problem is the slats are just a wee bit too small for the sides and can slip off. I bought the right size, but I may not have done an awesome job assembling the bed- though there are only so many ways you can screw up something that comes in like ten pieces.

I’ll try making some spacers out of something. if that doesn’t work, I guess I’ll find a drill.

Flat slats will tend to stretch downward and eventually slip off the edges. Been there, done it, had some pretty funny sextime moments. No amount of shimming will actually fix the problem. Luckily, there is a simple solution. Go back to IKEA and buy the arched slats instead of the flat ones. $50 for “full” size. Problem solved.

With the arched slats your body weight pushes the slats outward, making them tighter against the bedframe.

One night my gf and I broke a bed slat (it sounded like a gunshot). It was near impossible to find a replacement. I would up replacing all of them using 2x4s that I ripped in half.

I will attach at least some of the slats with a wood screw to hold them in place. It might be worth it to have a sheet of plywood cut to fit over the slats as well.

From what I recall, you are in DC. Home Depot can cut pieces of wood to size for you. Frager’s on Pennsylvania SE can do the same thing. There is an ACE Hardware on 5th Street NW that can do the same thing, I believe.

I will naively suggest perhaps screwing them in diagonally? It’s what my dad did for my slat bed when I was a teen, and that helped a lot.

Using the instructions supplied by Ravenman as a guide, I would suggest that you get a strip of wood and place that below part 114291 (the strip that runs the length of the bed on each side) to give the slats something to rest on. An inch thick is probably enough

Screws and bolts are overkill, FWIW. All you need is a hole and something to put in it: a small nail will work fine and be much easier to take out [del]if[/del] when you need to.

Protip: use box nails, not finishing nails. :slight_smile:

We build slat bed frames from time to time. We use a cleat attached to the side board like in the picture at the link. The slat then rests on the cleat and flush with the top of the side board.

It sounds like your slats are just a little to short. You can attach a wider cleat to each side board or another cleat to the existing one to build it out away from the sides.

I used a whole mess of zip ties when my Ikea slats wouldn’t stay put.

Get metal reinforcing hardware from HD. You should be able to find something to fit the dimensions needed. I’ve used hinges, L-shaped reinforcers and flat steel plates. Pick up some short wood screws to attach the hardware to both the slats and the bed frame.