How do I make a coin disappear

Can a magician walk up to a random passerby, ask for a coin, and, holding it in his hand, cause it to apparently disappear, showing both his hands to be empty? While wearing short sleeves?

I’ve seen this portrayed on TV, but is it an effect that can really be created?

If so, is the trick to it fairly trivial and relatively well-known?

If so, can someobody tell me how I can find out how to do it? The name of the trick or something?



Here’s the trick I mean.

So I could pay 10 bucks to find out how to do it.

Is similar info available somewhere else, however?


I’m not going to simply tell you. You can, however, find out the secret yourself, but you have to work at it.

Buy this book and practice, practice, practice.

Thanks, looks good!

There’s something funny about your post, though. How is pointing me to a book which will “simply tell me” how to do it any different than you yourself “simply telling me” how to do it?


I dunno if I would trust that site, OP, the feedback seems like a load of bollocks.

That aside, I dunno how to do the trick in question, but there are some coin rolling tricks that come close. Usually it involves flipping the coin through your fingers and over the ridge of your hand, and out of view of the camera.

Magic tricks are supposed to be secret. The fun lies in the audience not knowing how they are done. We don’t go giving away the secrets in internet forums. It’s just not done that way.

Now, it’s a secret, but not the world’s most closely guarded secret. Anyone is entitled to study the secrets of magic and learn how to perform the tricks. They just have to be prepared to put a bit of effort into it.

Bobo’s book will give you detailed instructions for performing the tricks. You have to be prepared to follow the instructions closely, and work at it

Besides, the site is 10 bucks for one trick. The book is 10 bucks for 352 tricks. That’s less than 3¢ per trick. The disadvantage is that it’s drawings, not video. Wonder if there’s a market for a coin-trick book with DVD?

There are plenty of DVDs that teach coin magic, available from magic dealers.

Thanks guys.

I fuond a video online for free explaining one version of the trick.

It’s hard.


Because magicians are not supposed to go around exposing how their tricks are done. It is a taboo in magic that goes back ages. It takes away from the wonder and amazement the audience feels during the performance. If you are truely interested in learning to perform that and other tricks, you should invest your own time and resources (aka buy the book and practice, practice, practice!) to learn the trick.

You could just give me the coin. I’d go away…
As far as you’re concerned, it’d disappear.