How do I make a € on my Memorex keyboard?

My Memorex MX2750 keyboard has a € key on it. The “5” key has the % sign above the five, and the € to the right of the five. I’ve tried using both shift keys seperately and together (got the %), the ALT key (TYO Rik, “Pa-thetic!” – my error sound), the Windows key (5), the esc key (5). What else can I try?

  1. How do I access the € on the “5” key?

  2. What is the ASCII code (ALT+???) for €?

AltGr-5 or Ctrl-Alt-5 should work on your keyboard. Alt-0128 is the code, although it can’t be ASCII since that scheme predates the euro.

CTRL+ALT+5 does not work. What’s the “Gr” key?

(ALT+0128 works. Thanks.)

Just out of curiosity, how did you type the OP?:confused: :confused:

Sorry for the “me too” post, but I was really wondering the same…


“ALT GR” should be the key to the right of your spacebar.

When come back bring €.

There’s another ALT key to the right of my spacebar. I get the error sound when I use it, just as I do when I use the left ALT key. To the right of the right ALT key there is another Windows key. To the right of that, there is something that looks like a filing cabinet or a representation of a web page. Using it brings up a box that controls the browser (Back, Reload, View Source, etc.). The last key on the right is the other CRTL key.

Maybe ALT-GR is speficially European or just archaic. Someone explained what it means the other day, but I can’t search on it.

BTW, I suggest you to refer to euros as “yoyos”, like many people are starting to do in Ireland now.


I’m using a new keyboard today; that’s my excuse.

There are several issues involved. One is getting your keyboard to generate the right code. Another is getting your OS to display the right symbol when it sees that code. Another is getting the different applications to correctly display and process the code. And you can never be certain what someone else’s computer will do with that code. Mostly you need to download patches to get things to work for you. I am running WIN98SE on this computer and I remember installing some patch or other. Now I can hit ALTGR (The right hand ALT key) + 5 and I get the € Euro symbol.

Aha! I’m on Win98. I’ll check out the links later. Thanks!

The summary, from Microsoft:

The layout you want is “US-International”. After you do this, you’ll get a blue icon in your system tray that says EN. Right click on that to switch back and forth between US-International and English-US.

US-International lets Windows use the AltGr key to access alternate characters on your keyboard. It also changes the `, ~, ', ", and ^ keys so you can type áççèñtëð characters easily. To do that, you just hit one of those keys and then another letter and you get ä or ê or whatever. To get the accent character alone, hit the key and the spacebar.

To see the characters available with the AltGr key, see here.

Thanks, Bambi. I haven’t downloaded the patch yet, but I’ll follow your instructions when I do.

I can help you with the “any” key when you’re ready to post that one…