how do I make a phone call to the UK?

Completely stupid question. I’ve never dialed internationally. I only have a cell phone which will not do international calls so I’m going to try to call from work with a phone card. I have the UK number (08450-xxx-xxx) but I’m not sure what I need to dial.

Is it 011-44-08450-xxx-xxx? Do I need to put in a city code? I’m pretty sure this number is in London. I’m confused and haven’t been able to find a page on dialing internationally for morons…

I believe you have the correct number.

You might want to try knocking off the first 0 of the phone number.


I know when I’ve dialled home (020-8XXX-XXXX), I’ve dialled


You’re close. Actually, you don’t need to dial the “0” within the 08450 number (which is the “area” code or “city” code. you would dial the zero if calling out of the area but within the UK-)

This page give some international dialing instructions.

On preview, I see that Szlater beat me to it.

I’m not sure whether the 0845 numbers will work if you’re calling from abroad - numbers starting 0845 are charged the same rate no matter where in the country you call from (often used by businesses so that customers pay the same rate whether they’re in London or Orkney) and on some letterheads/websites I have seen two numbers given, one an 0845 number for UK callers and the other with all the calling codes is a normal land line number.

See this Bank’s website - - for an example

You might want to check it out…


I’m pretty sure grimpixie is correct that you won’t be able to call that number. I happen to have my European Health Insurance card in front of me, which includes “Health information: NHS Direct 0845… (UK only)”

I guess that’s why I haven’t been able to get through. Thank ya’ll very much for the info. I’m gonna email 'em again and ask them if we can do it without the phone call.

I’ve been trying to buy the most fabulous pair of shoes and I’ve had the worst luck with these guys. None of my credit cards are accepted by their bank. It looks like I’m gonna have to figure out how to send an international bankers draft. :frowning:

Just explain that you can’t call that number from overseas, and ask if they have another number, or if they could call you.

You never know until you try. I’ve phoned a number of American freephone numbers from the U.K. and I always got a message about being charged the normal rate before being connected.

Yeah, I’ve just sent emails but now it’s Friday and past business hours.

OK, another question for you internationally saavy Dopers: where can you get International Money Orders or an International Banker’s Draft in pounds sterling in the US? My bank (Bankof America) is clueless. I haven’t found anything online. Anyone have any idea?

[robolady]This toll-free number is not toll-free for calls from outside the United States. To avoid being charged the normal rate, please hang up now.[/robolady]

If the transactions are being declined, it might be worth calling your card issuer(s) and asking them if they can pre-auth the transaction. Sometimes it’s not the merchant bank being sniffy but the issuer having a blanket block on out-of-country internet transactions for fraud prevention reasons.