How do I make fake blood?

I’m doing still shots, in case this makes a difference between that an full motion.

I read that in one movie they used vodka and food dye.

Try red food coloring and Karo Syrup.

Once you’ve achieved the right colour by blending whatever choice of dyes you like, you can achieve a slighly thicker consistency by adding Xanthan gum.

I believe that this is the preferred concoction of Penn & Teller. If you can find their great book “Penn & Teller Play with Food”, I believe there’s a good fake blodd recipe in there (used to fill a heart shaped cake that bleeds when you cut it).

i have no idea what Karo syrup is, but corn syrup with food dye works pretty well. If you need to thin it for more realistic flow, use a little dishsoap, this thins without totally losing the viscosity like water would, unless you want it to go everywhere, then go ahead and use water. Food dye stains skin and fabric, so be cautious.

Karo syrup is a brand of corn syrup. The mixture of corn syrup and red dye was recommended by Dick Smith in his influential “Dick Smith’s Monster Makeup Handbook” from the 1960s. I’ll bet Penn and/or Teller had a copy.

Corn syrup is too thick for real (fresh) blood, of course, but people who want stage blood usually want it to stay pretty much in one place and flow slowly, if at all, so it works out pretty well for most purposes.

In black and white films, I heard that they used to use Hershey’s syrup.

CalMeacham is correct. Dick Smith has a wonderful recipe. Use Karo white corn syrup (it also comes in a darker shade that you don’t want to use). Add red food colouring. You’ll also want to put a drop or two of green (depending on how much you’re making) for darkness. Use too much green, though, and it turns kinda brownish. Be careful. Add zinc oxide powder to make it opaque and Photo Flo to make it the proper consitency.

Do NOT drink it if you use the zinc oxide and Photo Flo!!!

It won’t look real without the toxic ingredients, but it will look good enough if you have to drink it or put it in your mouth. (Also, with just the corn syrup and food colouring you can use it on pancakes.)

Hershey’s chocolate syrup does work well in B&W.

I’ve heard food coloring, corn syrup and dawn dishwashing liquid. The blue soap makes for a richer, purpler color, and aids in washability.

I once worked on a play where we used, Karo red dye and Hershey’s syrup. The hershey’s gave it a wicked, thick dark look. Which is what we needed since the lighting we used was dark and dirty, so this recipie might be too dark. Just use Karo and red dye.

“Try red food coloring and Karo Syrup.”

That would probably work but you need to add a little flour for obliqueness (sp)

I think you were looking for “opacity”.

Zinc oxide powder will do that, but I wouldn’t want to drink the mixture.

I’ve heard chocolate milk and food coloring, though my first thought was that it would smell disgusting after a few hours at room temperature.

Clear honey and red food colouring is a good formula which is also non-toxic and edible. Water it down for runnier, thicken it up for less runny.

My suggestion would be… don’t bother. Buy some Kryolan B from a magic shop or a theatrical make-up store. Excellent stuff that I’ve used for years. It’s German, and on the side it says ‘FilmBlut’, which is cute. Looks wonderful on photos.

Penn & Teller don’t use any of the above. Their stage blood is made for them by a particular guy whose formula they happen to prefer.

Light Karo syrup, food coloring, cocoa powder.

Clear dishwater detergent and red coloring by itself also works pretty well. That’s what I used back in '95 when I was shot on stage, and results were quite, shall we say, satisfactory. The last thing I saw before collapsing was blood dripping from the ceiling :D.

naw, the best way to do it is shoot in black & white, then the blood has a more abstract look & is more believable.