How do I make STRONG ginger beer?

The current ginger beer thread reminded me that when I made ginger beer it wasn’t strong enough. The last batch I put in about twice the ginger as called for in the recipe, and it still wasn’t ‘hot’.

What’s the secret?

I noticed that a certain commercial brand listed capsicum as an ingredient. Sounds like maybe a little pepper may spruce up your drink.

That’s interesting. There used to be a brand of carbonated soft drink I liked called Skeleteens, and they used capsicum in their drinks. (I’m sure I still have some bottles of From Dusk 'Til Dawn around somewhere. I wonder if it’s still drinkable? Didn’t care much for the Fukola Cola, but I liked the name.)

I’ll try a little cayenne next time I make some.


We sell a ginger extract that is mixed with pure cane sugar and lemon. Its so “hot” we recommend people only taste it with lemon-lime soda. We trace the heat to the roots origin. We get 10-15 samples per year and only make our mix with the hottest ginger root. That root is typically the most expensive and not the stuff you get in a grocery store.

To make a spicy ginger beer we use the following recipe:
4 oz lemon lime soda (or club soda)
1/2 oz ELIXIR G
If you want more spice you just add more ELIXIR G.

We were on Guys Big Bite (Food Network) and his comment upon opening the bottle was that it was like biting into a piece of ginger.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Aron.

Suppose I want to ferment it myself?