How Do I Make Techno Music On The Cheap?

Yeah, so I need another hobby. Besides being the World’s Greatest Pinball Wizard, and the Premiere Dungeon Master, I think I have missed my calling to make Techno music. But I don’t know the first thing, so I need to experiment first, economically.

What are the base, used, essentials to do this? If you need me to be more specific, I’m wanting to make music equivalent to that of La Bouche. Lots of sampling, base beats, and grinding sounds.

If you’re just looking to mess around and see if making electronic music is for you, check out some of the entry-level, user-friendly “all-in-one” software programs like Cakewalk’s Project 5, Propellerheads’ Reason , and Fruityloops. These emulate the basic hardware and effects that you need to make this type of music, and are user-friendly to the point of being fun to use. Reason seems to be the most popular and effective one. All of those websites offer free downloadable demos of their software.

The short answer is that most electronic dance music, like La Bouche, is made with a combination of synthesizer(s), sequencer(s), sampler(s), and effects. These come in both software and hardware forms; with today’s powerful computers, one doesn’t need to actually purchase “real” gear to make music, but most people prefer a combination of hardware and software. For example, I use software (Cubase SX) for recording and sequencing, but have several rack samplers and vintage synthesizer keyboards. This gives me the best of both worlds - easy programming and editing by mouse, with “hands-on” playing of keyboards and sampler knob-tweaking.

If you’re using a Mac, you can get GarageBand for $40 or so. It’s got a nifty multi-track editor, a bunch of pre-recorded loops, and lots of MIDI instruments you can use to write your own stuff. (You can either use a MIDI keyboard or input notes manually.)

Strong Bad breaks it down for you.

Freejooky beat everyone to the punch with fruityloops, one of the best free looping programs. You can do a bit better with free versions of Acid (by Sonic Foundry), and some other computerized sampler/loop/drum machines. Unfortunately, those products are limited, and if you want complete control, as I do, you need to shell out some cash. Most Sonic Foundry stuff is very good, Cubase is excellent, and if you go high-tech you might want to experiment with the wonders of Pro-tools. This is more of an editing software, but if you get it invite me over.:slight_smile:

Also, check out pawn shops and local ads for used samplers, those are indespensable once you hook them up to the right gear.

Pro Tools or Reason.

With one of these programs, the possiblities are endless. However, most producers do not limit themselves to one peice of software (though it is totally fine for starting out). Most of the sounds you hear are computer programs combined with various drum machines/samplers/effects boxes…

And if nothing else works, go to a local warehouse and record the forklifts. There you go, all the beeping you need. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, though, Fruity Loops isn’t a bad place to start.

I did download the Reason demo and fooled around with it for awhile. But, I guess that that is not what I’m looking for. I’m looking to get out from in front of my computer, and hear some honest to God real beats and thumps. Is there hardware sold, like a turntable, but not, that can be used to make Techno? Some little DJ box with headphones, with the option of recording what I make for my own enjoyment? On my budget, it would definitely have to be used. But does anyone know what I’m looking for? Any brand names to gravitate towards or stay away from?